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CLAI Rules & Regulations.

A list of rules and regulations for competitors and anyone associated with the Association.

             CLAI Rules & Regulations

There are 3 Divisions in all age categories.

Division A - Beginner category.This means beginner to competition.Dance must be done Vanilla throughout,which means that it must be danced as description in the sheet - no variations allowed.

Division B - Novice category.This category is for people who have moved up from Category A or for people who have been placed in a major competition before.Variations are optional in this category.

Division C - Intermediate Category.This category is for people who have moved up the ranks or for people who have competed and won in major competitions before.Variations are compulsory in this category.

In Category A the dance must be danced Vanilla throughout - that is as the dance is described in the dance sheet no variations.

In Category B Variations are optional and not compulsory.

In Category C Variations are compulsory and must be danced as such.

The variation walls are walls 2 & 4 which are the 2 side walls.In certain dances with tags and variations,please consult committee for clarification on variation walls.In a 2 wall dance the variation wall is the back wall.

It would be beneficial for competitors entering CLAI competitions to be instructed by a class instructor.Private tuition would be deemed un-beneficial.Any competition who has been placed in a previous championship or were placed in a major competition can compete in the B or C category .Please consult committee on the above.

Judges of the CLAI competition will have the right to advise competitors on which category they can dance in according to their level of dance skill.

Coaching is not allowed from the sidelines when competitors are competing for any category.When competitors are on the floor in competition-nobody is allowed to practice their dances in the general vicinity of the competition arena.This applies to individuals and teams of 4.

    Contestants Dress Code(Male & Female)

Country line dance dress is compulsory i.e. Line dance boots,Hats,V shaped seam in jeans and shirt with yolks.

Boots must be 2 1/2 inches in height(Can be slightly less).

The following are allowed:

Chaps,Skirts(Skirts must be knee length and A line).

Suede skirts are allowed.Country line dance dress code applies.

Leather is allowed.

The following Articles of clothing are not allowed:

T-shirts,polo shirts,golf shirts,Shirts with Club logos.

Torn jeans are not allowed.

Combat trousers are not allowed.

Spanish,Ballroom and Latin American style dresses are not allowed.

Lace and see through material are not allowed.

Minimum glitter and sparkle are advised.

Bare midriffs not allowed at any stage of the dance - N.B.

Strapless tops or spaghetti straps are not allowed.

Stiletto heels are not allowed.

Kick pleats are not allowed.

Body rolls are not allowed.

If the requirements for the dress code are not met competitors will not be allowed to compete under any circumstances.

            Dance Floor Rules 

1.Competitors must be within the dance arena before being called or re-called to dance.Failure to present themselves on the second call will lead to disqualification.

2.Dancers must travel within their own dance space.N.B. - Important when doing The routine in the variation wall as infringement of other dancers floor space will lose mark from judges.

3.Full turns on vines,double spins to replace single turns,kicks and jumps are allowed as the rhythm count is correct and kicks are no higher than waist level.In jumps or kicks at least one foot must stay in contact with the floor.Both feet cannot be off the ground at the same time.

4.Acrobatics are not allowed.Hands may touch the floor but may not support full body weight.

5.Hats must be secure enough not to fall off and touch the floor.Hats can be used as part of the routine but must be replaced on head again.

6.No chewing gum allowed.No vulgar language and no screaming.Singing is allowed.

7.Props are not permitted e.g.Guns,Holsters,Garters,Spurs,Gloves,Ropes etc...

8.Entertainment is essential during the dance.


All contestants must be dressed for competition before attending the judges meeting and checked by floor co-ordinators before leaving the meeting.

Latecomers into the meeting and not dressed in competition outfits will not be accepted into the competition on that day.


All judges must wear proper country line dance clothing.

Hats are compulsory for judges.

Positively no alcohol to be consumed until competition is finished.

Judges have a maximum of 45 points to allocate to each competitor.

1 - 10 points for Vanilla Wall.

2 - 10 points for Entertainment.

3 - 10 points for Style.

4 - 15 points for Technique.


The CLAI competition is not open to any instructor to enter as a competitor.

Associate members may enter if desired.

                    Age Category 

Competitors who compete in CLAI heats will remain in the same category for the duration of the championship of that year regardless of age change.

The age categories for the CLAI heats and finals in all divisions are.

8 & Under.

9 to 12 

13 to 16

17 to 24

25 to 35

36 to 45


Teams of 4.

9 to 12

13 to 18


Teams of 4 must consist of 4 members only.Age categories are as above.If problems arise with age flexibility will be allowed within 2 years either side of the age category.

Date of birth must be supplied on registration form.


Minimum number of competitors for a club team is 10.

All clubs must supply music to the DJ 30 minutes before competition club competition commences.

Music must be country.

Any club unsure of country music track contact committee member for validation.

The Judges decision in all categories will be final.



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