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Dances Being Taught in Kilkenny.

This section I will keep you posted on dances being taught in Kilkenny on a monthly basis.Also on dances being recapped.

                     August - 2013.

New Dances being taught at the moment.

1- Walk Like Rihanna.

2- Wow Tokyo.

3- Let Her Go.

4- Feel This Moment.

5- Blurred Lines.

6- A Liquid Lunch.

7- Hurt Me Carefully.

8- Voodoo Jive.

9- Gleefully There.

10- Throw Away The Key.

11- Don`t Disturb Me.

12- My First Love.

13- Give It A Go.


                   September 2013.

1 - My First Love.

2 - You`re The Reason.

3 - Detroit City.

4 - No Man`s Land. 

Rodeo Cats Line Dancing Club Kilkenny

Latest News

  • Country Line Dance Weekend - Kilkenny.
  • This section is for competitors who ask us "have we our dances right".This is a guide on dances.This information will be given to judges.We are here to help in any way we can and that is why we provide workshops at the start of the season.
  • Older and not so older dances being recapped and requested.
  • A list of rules and regulations for competitors and anyone associated with the Association.
  • Schedule for All Ireland Finals.Times and dances being done on each day and starting times.

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