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Linedance Etiquette.

A list of rules which make the dance floor a safer place for everyone.

1. - When starting off a dance go to the front so that others can fall in behind you.

2. - When dancing near beginners be courteous and do not show off as they are easily distracted.

3. - Never stay on the floor to talk,if the music has started please move off the floor to chat.

4. - Never come on to the dance floor carrying drinks,cans or glasses.

5. - Remember everyone was a beginner at some stage,please try to be helpful to beginners.

6. - If the floor is crowded,take small steps,enjoy the company but watch for collisions.

7. - Do not be tempted to stop dancing to teach especially if there is no room.

8. - The floor is for everyone,please leave the outside lanes clear for partner dancers.

9. - Those dancing around the outside lanes have right of way,please do not block their progress.

10. - Do not start a different dance unless there is plenty of room and you sense it is acceptable or designated by the DJ.

11. - If possible start another line rather than join one which may block the outside lane.

12. - If you should bump into someone,it is customary to apologise whether it is your fault or not.

13. - Never walk through a line of dancers to cross the floor,always walk around the floor or wait until the dance is finished.

14. - Always show courtesy and respect to fellow dancers.

15. - Please refrain from using mobile phones on the dance floor.If you have to use your phone please leave the floor for your safety and those of other dancers.

16. - All of the above rules are common sense and are there for the safety of everyone.

17. - Heads up and smile,we are to there to have a good time and enjoy ourselves.

Rodeo Cats Line Dancing Club Kilkenny

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